“I help people like you who are going through a life transition and are serious about your future. My objective is to help you to feel secure and to reach your financial goals.”

Planning for Your Financial Empowerment

Deborah is a thought leader in the space of financial planning and financial  empowerment.  She has authored and published two books and is working on her third. Her most recent book, Women and Wealth is an international bestseller.

Investment Advisor

Deborah has been successfully investing her own assets for over 30 years and  now as an Investment Advisor Representative is willing to share the lessons she’s learned with you so you can understand the  implications of the financial choices you make, you can understand what you are invested in and why and you can choose the best advisor to help you get to where you want to go.


Deborah is currently working on her third book and has been a guest on national and international podcasts.  She  is a sought-after speaker and guest to discuss money, financial empowerment and financial literacy.